Children’s / YA Literature

Anton and Piranha

**Shortlisted for the 2015 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation**

**IBBY UK 2016 Honour Book – Translation category**

OK, so going on holiday with your grandparents is not the coolest thing ever, but it’s fine – Anton is planning to spend the summer in the pool. But then disaster strikes . . . their holiday camp DOES NOT HAVE A POOL! Instead it has a lake – a lake filled with murky, slimy, dark disgusting sludge – and Anton just can’t understand why everybody else is so happy to dive-bomb and swim in it all day long. Baking in the sun and dying of boredom away from the lake and the other young people on holiday, Anton has no idea how he’s going to survive the holiday. That is until he meets an unexpected friend . . .

Winner of the 2011 German Children’s Literature Prize

an outstanding book … the vernacular is perfect for a typical British child”  – The Book Bag

seamlessly translated for the UK reader”  – Books for Keeps

Anton and Piranha by Milena Baisch, Illustrations by Elke Kusche (Andersen Press, 2013)
Original Title: Anton taucht ab (Beltz & Gelberg, 2010)



Sometimes he’s laughed at because he mixes things up in his head and he doesn’t know his left from his right. But Rico is brilliant at noticing the little things that nobody else does. Like a piece of pasta lying on the pavement. Or the strange goings-on in the apartment block where he lives. But it isn’t until his new friend, the gifted but anxious Oscar, is kidnapped that Rico gets the chance to put all his special skills – and tenacity – to the test.

Shortlisted for the 2011 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation

Winner of the 2011 NASEN Inclusive Children’s Book Award

Three words: I loved it! Steinhöfel not only creates a mystery that Agatha Christie would applaud, he also creates characters every reader will want to meet. […] The Pasta Detectives is a gift to any parent, teacher or child who feels lost in today’s crazy world – in the words of Dickens –  ‘Please Sir, can I have some more?’ ”  – INIS, The Children’s Books Ireland Magazine

Rico holds his own in the tradition of cognitively distinctive detectives.”  – Chicago Tribune

The Pasta Detectives [UK]; The Spaghetti Detectives [North America] by Andreas Steinhöfel (Chicken House, 2010)
Original Title: Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten (Carlsen, 2008)



What’s the worst kind of back-to-school you can possibly imagine? Tim Cornel could tell you all about it: he is universally known as “Bonesy” because of the diet products his dad forces him to eat, his grandfather died last week, and his sadistic PE teacher, who hasn’t done any exercise in quite a long time, has a very special set of lessons in mind for him. What could possibly make this particular back-to-school less depressing? How about two detectives from another world who find themselves unexpectedly trapped beneath Tim’s school …?

The Mysteries of Relaxville by the Spinks Twins (TTHF Media, 2012)
Original Title: Les secrets de Relaxville



My Brother and I by Andreas Steinhöfel (Carlsen, 2011)
Original Title: Dirk und Ich (Carlsen, 1991)




Princess Pigsty by Cornelia Funke, Illustrations by Kerstin Meyer (Chicken House, 2007)
Original Title: Prinzessin Isabella (Oetinger, 1997)



Pirate Girl by Cornelia Funke, Illustrations by Kerstin Meyer (Chicken House, 2005)

Original Title: Käpten Knitterbart und seine Bande (Oetinger, 2003)


tell-me-what-you-see-zoran-drvenkar-paperback-cover-art9780439724524_p0_v1_s260x420 86_uk

Tell Me What You See by Zoran Drvenkar (Chicken House, 2005)
Original Title: Sag mir was du siehst (Carlsen, 2002)